Skylink Bandwidth Management

Having a small or medium size office and you acces the Internet by satellite?

You have a challenge!!

The Skylink Bandwidth Manager (SBM) is the answer.

What is the problem?

Your service provider for the Internet connection supplies you an amount of capacity that you calculated on a number of expected users and applications. This calculation is often made as if the Internet over satellite behaves similar to a fast land line connection and that all users have only one device accessing the Internet. Unfortunately that’s not nowadays reality.

  • A satellite link is per default a relatively small access to the internet. Mostly between 1 and 10Mbps asymmetrical.
  • A satellite link has a typical latency (round trip time) of 600-800 milliseconds instead of 20-40ms.
  • Usually a number of people will be online at the same time.
  • Most users have more than one or two devices like PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet etc.

What doesn’t really help?

Of course you can add more and more satellite capacity but it won’t help much. There is a certain balance between the number of users and bandwidth but adding more bandwidth doesn’t make the Internet faster nor will it solve your bandwidth saturation. It only takes a few users to drain all of the bandwidth when there is no management.


What can the Skylink Bandwidth Manager (SBM) do about it?

The SBM does exactly what it needs to do.

  • Manage the users and block unwanted users and/or devices.
  • Accelerate the data traffic
  • Prioritize critical applications like voice and all work related applications.
  • Smart web proxy caching for faster Internet
  • Data reduction
  • Block unwanted traffic
  • Optimize bandwidth
  • Toolkit for bandwidth control

How do we know?

Some years ago we supplied Internet, Telephony, Television and radio services to the military in Afghanistan. All the services via a VSat link. With about 250 concurrent users and only a 10Mbps downlink we managed to serve them with all with a decent access to the Internet and kept voice working well. To make that happen we spend a lot of time on development and tuning. That concept is now available as a service.


What we do and what does it cost?

We supply a small computer with the acceleration apps which shall be installed close to your router/satellite modem. Most of your internet data will be terminated at a high speed data center in The Netherlands on a similar kind of accelerator. If you want specific traffic terminated elsewhere we can route that for you. Once the system is running we monitor your data link continuously and optimize it if possible.

The costs are related to the number of users, satellite capacity, used applications (SAP, Citrix, etc) but it’s usually cheaper and definitely more efficient than adding satellite capacity.