The Telecomtainer

The first development of the Telecomtainer was in 2001 after the UNMEE mission in Eritrea and over the years a lot of experience contributed to a smart VSAT-container.

Nowadays business and general communications are all heavily depending on a good Internet infra structure. However this infra structure is not always available nor is Internet access as stable as required or reliable. The Telecomtainer gives you rapid and stable Internet access around the world.

The Telecomtainer is developed to operate in countries where reliable power is missing and/or with harsh environments with heat and dust.  The 20 ft standard container is able to run autonomously when external resources such as power or cooling fail.

Major features;

  • Insulated 20 ft standard double door container (app 6×2,4×2,6mtr)
  • VSAT system C- or Ku band (2,4 mtr)
  • Additional Idirect Ka-VSAT system
  • 3G/4G router & exterior antenna (w/o SIM card)
  • Diesel generator & no break system
  • Split-system climate control
  • IT room with redundant climate control
  • 19” equipment rack
  • 2 x 3KVA UPS system
  • Remote power controller
  • 2x Server & other rack equipment
  • Skylink Bandwidth Manager (SDWAN-Compressor-User management)
  • Remote temperature control
  • Exterior mast for wireless connections (WiFi, 4G, microwave etc)
  • Office space & desk for engineer
  • Sleeping area for 1 person
  • Storage facilities
  • Tool kit
  • Customer specific options

The Telecomtainer is not a mobile office such as a SNG truck but once the Telecomtainer and the engineer are on location, the system can be up and running in only one day.