VSAT Consultancy

With our fast experience on VSAT systems and installations we can help you in your VSAT requirement.

As an independent consultant we are looking for the best solution for you and not for a satellite communication provider. They may have different interests than what’s best for you.


Remote office

When you open up an office in a remote location you may have utilize a VSAT communication system to connect that office to the Internet or your main office. If so, you will experience that Internet by a high latency link is not working the same way you as you are used to have Internet access. We can help you to make the right choices in the process of communication options and optimize the communication link so that the remote office can do their work.


NGO solutions

As an NGO you often have to deploy an office or a compound in the third world where infra structure is absent or unreliable. Besides your office requirements your personnel also needs to be utilized with a working welfare system to maintain their relationships and contact with home.

With years of experience we can support you with advise and hands on so you can make the best choice for what’s best for your organization.


Internet access on a vessel

Ships, oil rigs and yachts are, most of the time, depending on VSAT terminals for their Internet access. For these applications a bunch of manufacturers are making different systems but which system is best for you is difficult to determine. Many different technical aspects you have to consider such as big or small vessel, just a few or many users, which applications to be blocked or prioritized, CIR or MIR etc. etc.

Besides that a vessel is a moving object you are also most likely limited to the expensive satellite capacity. What choices to make and how to make your Internet access work for you instead of adding more and more satellite capacity is our expertise.


When you are reading the above you recognize the problems. Let us help you solving your communication problems and make an appointment.