About Skylink:

Skylink was founded in 1994. Starting with the supply and installation of cable-tv systems in Europe, Skylink gradually moved into the VSAT market all over the world. In 2002 Skylink merged into SkyDec BV and became supplier of VSAT- and Military GPS systems. Because of this successful cooperation SkyDec was asked by the Dutch Ministry of Defense to deploy a Welfare system for the Dutch ISAF forces in Afghanistan. In 2006 the company called SkyXS was founded especially for the e-Welfare services; Internet, VoIP, streaming TV and streaming Radio for the Dutch armed forces in 6 locations in Afghanistan. Since 2017 Skylink is back to it;s roots again and supplying VSAT consultancy, the Telecomtainer concept and the Skylink Bandwidth Manager (S.B.M.) product.


  • 5 VSAT trailers for Unisource bv ordered by  the Dutch M.o.D.
  • Earth station Carrier 2 Carrier in the Netherlands (now called Globecomm) (2,4-11mtrs)
  • 4 sites in Bosnia Herzegovina and 1 in Brussels for O.H.R. (2,4mtrs Ku)
  • 4 sites in Nigeria for Shell. (7.6mtrs)
  • Antenna 2,4mtr on top of 70mtr high Shell building in Den Haag
  • 3 sites in Congo and DRC with 6.3mtr C-band antennas
  • 2,4mtr antenna in Sana’a and Aden in Yemen
  • 2,4mtr antenna in Egypt
  • Upgrade of 7.3mtr antennas for El Pais Spain
  • 4 antennas 3,8mtr C-band for UNMEE mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia
  • UPC uplink antenna in Helmond the Netherlands and re-location of 12 small size antennas
  • 31 data receiving sites for press agency A.N.P.
  • 4,5 mtr antenna for Wereldomroep/B.V.N. at Hilversum, the Netherlands
  • 2,4mtr Ku in Kabul Afghanistan for PanAmSat
  • A dozen installation site surveys for Telenor in Africa and South America
  • 6-month Welfare pilot for the Dutch M.o.D. together with K.P.N. in Pol-e-Khomri Afghanistan
  • 5 years of supply of e-Welfare (Wireless Internet, VoIP telephony, streaming TV and streaming radio) for the Dutch ISAF forces in Afghanistan